Muller LCS: Raptor 1525P

New/Used: New
Machine Style: Turntable Automatic
Machine Type: High Profile
Control Type: Automatic
Film Carriage Type: Powered Pre-Stretch

Muller Raptor 1525P Rotary Turntable Portable Automatic Stretch Wrapper

The primary function of this model is to allow the operator to stay on the fork truck. Following placement of the load on the turntable, the operator backs up and pushes a start button on an overhead hanging pendant or floor pedestal stand, starting the wrap cycle. The wrapper automatically stretch wraps the load, auto sensing the top of the load, performing the programmed number of top wraps, and returning the film carriage to the bottom of the load where it performs the programmed number of bottom wraps, following which an automatic cut and seal of the film web is performed. Upon completion, all the operator does is remove the wrapped load. At no point during a regular cycle is it necessary for the operator to leave the fork truck.


• Up to 45 loads per hour
• Process rates will vary with load height, wrap pattern and operator proficiency
• 1 to 16 RPM features soft start and stop with positive alignment

Load Specifications:
• Maximum load size - 54" L X 50" W X 80" H (72" diagonal)
• Maximum load weight – 4,000 lbs.

Power Requirements:
• 240 VAC, 20 amps, single phase, 60 HZ (Other voltages available)
• 3 CFM @ 80 PSI (clean, dry air)

Cut and Seal
• Controlled impulse cutter and heat sealer

• Programmable Logic Controller: Allen Bradley
• Operator Interface: Touch screen

Film Feed:
• Muller SG3025 Film Carriage
• Powered pre-stretch
• Octo-Thread design film loading
• W film treading pattern

• 52" X 52" X 3/8" octagonal formed steel plate with 4" skirting
• 16" high from floor to top of turntable
• 20" diameter ring gear bearing and pinion drive